From the moment I first stepped onto the mat, I knew yoga was more than just a physical practice and something that would always be a part of my life. I was introduced to yoga in 2004 with my sister. I went into my first class thinking it was going to be boring, way too easy, and I'd never get a real workout practicing yoga. I was wrong. Not only did I leave the class sweaty and exhausted, but I felt lighter and happier. My mind and body began to transform in ways I could not achieve with any other forms of exercise. I was fascinated that I could direct my breath into different parts of my body that needed extra love and attention. I learned that breathing has so much to do with how our bodies feel and learning how to get your breath to "go with the flow" will help you, regardless of what's going on in your life. I learned to be patient with my healing process and to embrace whatever life puts before me - the good and the bad. 

10 years later, yoga continues to teach me how to tune into my body and identify that which isn't serving me anymore - unhealthy foods, negative relationships, and bad habits. My daily practice supports me on and off the mat. I have more energy. I am more patient. I am happier. I am more focused. I am stronger. My digestion has improved tremendously. I am living my life more in the moment. 

My growing love of yoga led to a deepening of my daily practice and a desire to share the gift of yoga with others around me.  I completed a 200-hr YogaWorks Teacher Training in Bali, along with a mini yogis foundation®  certification for young children. If you are new to yoga, live in or close proximity to Long Beach, CA, and are interested in developing a home practice, you and I can tailor a class to your unique needs based on what you are looking for in your practice. Regardless of your flexibility or strength, yoga is for everyone! 


  • Get individualized sequences
  • Develop flexibility and strength
  • Set intentions
  • Improve concentration
  • Expand awareness throughout your body
  • Develop breathing techniques that will help you not only facilitate movement, but handle stress


This 60-minute outdoor class is all about helping you enjoy moving & being in your body. Adults of all ages & levels are welcome!