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Are you ready to transition to a healthier lifestyle and change your attitudes and behaviors around food? Than this 90-day program is for you! With long-term accountability and support, we will work together to develop a new way of eating, form new healthy habits, find balance, and integrate it into your lifestyle. Here's how my THRIVE 90 program works:


  • (2) 45-minute coaching calls and unlimited email support
  • You and I will first assess your specific health concerns, food concerns, habits, and lifestyle. We may even do an 11-day whole food cleanse program to optimize your body!
  • I will design a personalized health program for you based on what we've talked about, with specific recommendations and strategies for your health concerns. This will include phasing out all processed foods, and adding in delicious new foods. We will establish a baseline to build your program and with a journal, you will begin to log everything.
  • We will begin to work on developing two new habits each week. We will start slow, that way you won't feel overwhelmed, and we can measure your progress each week.
  • Our coaching calls will cover techniques for stress and time management, so that you can make your health goals a reality, despite your circumstances. No excuses with me as your accountability partner!


  • (2) 45-minute coaching calls and unlimited email support
  • You and I will progress towards incorporating more whole foods, greens, superfoods, soups, and smoothies into your daily routine. I will give you something new to try every week, so you will not get bored!
  • You will have your Namaste Holistic Health approved snack list, shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, and other done-for-you materials so that you and your family can stick to an easy and delicious stress-free plan that is easy to follow.
  • We continue building on two new habits each week and measuring your progress.
  • Our coaching calls will cover and assess any old habits that may creep back up (because they do) and we will create an action plan around changing your behavior in a way that won’t make you feel deprived.


  • (2) 45-minute coaching calls and unlimited email support
  • As your habits become more advanced, we will continue working on behaviors and mindsets as they come up.
  • I will help you create a long-term plan so you can sustain your new, healthy habits and maintain the lifestyle you’ve created even when life gets in the way.
  • Our coaching calls focus on accountability and addressing future concerns you may have.
  • You will still have all of your Namaste Holistic Health lists, plans, recipes, and materials so that you won’t have to ‘start over’ again–you have all the tools you need for your continued success.
  • You will begin to release what no longer serves you both mentally and physically.
  • You will feel like you finally have time for yourself, your friends and family.
  • You will feel proud of your accomplishments, skills, and how far you've come during Thrive 90!


I am offering ALL of my services in-person, over the phone, or via Skype, so it doesn't matter where you live (although I would love to see your smiling face!) Whether you live near me in Long Beach or are jet-setting across the world, we can work together!

Interested in learning more about this program, contact me today!