Are you looking to make changes to your life from the way you eat, to the way you manage stress, and take care of yourself? Have you been waiting for some magic diet or cure to appear out of the blue and fix your digestive issues, weight gain, fatigue, cravings, and inflammation? Would you like to change the way you eat, feel, look and think in four weeks? Than REBOOT 28 is the program is for you!

Unlike a diet, REBOOT teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious…and you’ll never have to count a single calorie or point again. Instead, you’ll learn how to use food as medicine, put yourself first for once, and effortlessly meet your health goals. You’ll start making long-lasting changes, instead of opting for the next quick fix.

In 28 days, I will personally guide you through:

  • Incorporating more REAL and WHOLE foods into your life
  • Finding the foods that are right for you and your unique body
  • Ditching the unhealthy diet mentality
  • Planning and preparing nourishing meals that are easy to whip up
  • Learning how to eat clean when dining out or traveling
  • Finding exercise that fits your unique body and lifestyle
  • How to shop, what are the sneaky culprits, and what to buy and cook that will fit into your lifestyle
  • Maintaining your new healthy lifestyle 

What's Included in REBOOT:

  • (4) 30-minute Coaching Sessions with me each week to keep you on track and accountable
  • (4) Weekly Program Guides with daily prompts, making it easy to apply these principles to your life
  • (4) Weekly Recipe Guides loaded with delicious recipes (plant-based version available)
  • (4) Weekly Shopping Lists & Meal Plans
  • Unlimited email support 


I am offering ALL of my services in-person, over the phone, or via Skype, so it doesn't matter where you live (although I would love to see your smiling face!) Whether you live near me in Long Beach or are jet-setting across the world, we can work together!

Interested in learning more about this program, contact me today!