Would you like to gain a better understanding on how to stock a healthy and holistic home from the grocery cart, to the fridge and pantry? Let’s work together to transform your kitchen and your health in this Holistic Kitchen Makeover package.


Are you looking to transition to a more plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, or cleaner way of eating?

Do you want to eat more organically, locally and environmentally, but are intimidated by your local health markets?

Have you been recently diagnosed with a lifestyle or autoimmune disease that requires a restrictive diet?

Would you like to make room for nutritious foods that will become your pantry staples and meal time favorites?

Do you want to make a fresh start to restocking your kitchen, but don't know where to begin?


In this Holistic Kitchen Makeover program, I will work alongside you to identify the good, bad, and the downright ugly in your kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. Get your trash bag ready - you will never feel better about throwing out food! I will offer an assessment of your food and detail what foods are keepers, what you should get rid of, and recommendations for healthier replacements based on your preferences.  We will also discuss ingredients, food storage, bulk preparation, cooking and optimizing your kitchen for efficiency.  

The next phase is where the real fun begins, the Grocery Shopping Tour!  It is here where you will learn how to not only shop for simple, natural, local and seasonal ingredients, but also learn how to read labels and purchase foods that nourish and satisfy you and your family, according to personal needs, preferences, diet and lifestyle. I'll introduce you to healthier alternatives to the foods you love, teach you how to buy organic produce on a budget, and learn the layout of grocery stores. We will cover topics including organic vs. non-organic, GMO's, farm raised vs wild fish, grains, oils, dairy, and hidden food additives. After our program is complete, I will send you a written follow-up with recommendations. You will finally feel in control of your health with an organized, healthy and holistic kitchen, and have actionable steps to take to sustain it!

Holistic Kitchen Makeover Package  

  • Nutritional Consultation (45 minutes)
  • Kitchen & Pantry Walkthrough & Makeover (1 hour)
  • Grocery Shopping Tour With Food Label Education (1 hour)
  • Holistic Kitchen Makeover Essentials List + Individual Shopping List
  • Optional add-on: Personal one-on-one cooking class (1 hour) - $75

Rate: $200

*Rate does not include grocery purchases. We will discuss a budget together based on your individual needs and work with that!