Interested in learning more about nutritional counseling, a guided plant-based cleanse, or a healthy eating workshop for your practice? I can partner with you to help and empower your patients to better understand their diagnosis, to take a more proactive role in their own health, and to bridge the gap between providers and patients. I am not there to replace your medical advice, but to ensure that your patients are following your nutrition recommendations and complying with your treatment plans that most likely require specific dietary changes.

Often times, lifestyle issues such as stress levels, poor nutrition habits, job loss, divorce, drug or alcohol abuse, and little or no exercise are factors contributing to your patient's overall health, but they usually are not the focus of your patient's visit. As a result, important clues to their well-being may be missed. My goal is to listen to your patients, set goals based on your medical advice, and manage their progress, and guide them to communicate more effectively with you, so you can offer a more integrative treatment plan.

My training has equipped me to use a variety of effective coaching methods to create an environment of trust, where your patient feels safe and comfortable talking to me.  As a Health Communications Specialist, I can also partner with you to improve patient education materials and find the right communication tools and tactics for your employees, patients, and community.

If you would like to improve the quality of your patient care and medical outcomes for your practice, then contact me for a complimentary consultation!