Locally Grown: Sprouting

Trying to get your family to eat more greens?  Why not grow your own fresh, organic sprouts at home? They don't require soil or sunshine, they are extremely cheap, & they are packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins & enzymes that promote better digestion! Not only can you increase the nutritional value of whatever is being sprouted (making the nutrients more easily absorbed by your body), but your gut will be much happier! Plus, there is nothing more gratifying than watching those babies grow in a few days! We throw these mung bean sprouts on salads, soups, on avocados & in the juicer.


  1. Put the seeds of your choice in the bottom of a jar and cover with water to soak for 12-14 hours. Aim to fill with jar up with enough water to cover the seeds, plus an inch. About half to one inch of dried seeds will usually fill a jar. Feel free to experiment with a few varieties of seeds! As you experiment with more and more seeds, you will see which ones expand quickly and which ones don't. 
  2. Seal the jar with a screen lid. Allow the seeds to sit in a cool spot overnight...out of direct sunlight. After 12-14 hours has passed, drain the water out of the holes in the lid or screen lid, leaving the seeds damp, but not swimming in water.
  3. Repeat the rinsing process at least once every 12-14 hours until your sprouts are ready - usually about two to four days.
  4. Once your sprouts are finished, remove them from your jar, place in a sealed container in the refrigerator to use.  Your sprouts should stay fresh for up to a week!